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Brave Christmas Rose

Hellebore blooming   I was shocked by what I heard on the news this morning via one of our local radio stations (I thought they were more or less independent but now I realize they go right along with the system).  They informed us that measures of heightened security will be taken at the Breton […]

Who will save us?

« Notre vie spirituelle est basalement existentielle. Notre destin est entre nos mains, résulte de nos efforts : Ce n’est ni la foi, ni la prière, ni un miracle, qui nous sauvent, même si le miracle — au reste aléatoire — existe, mais le Bien que nous faisons. C’est seulement de ce Bien accompli par nous que nous pouvons être conscients et sûrs. L’homme a choisi et créé librement le Mal, (Rév d’Arès 2/1-5) et donc l’homme choisira et se replacera librement dans le Bien. C’est en cela que l’homme est image et ressemblance du Créateur.
L’homme n’a rien à attendre de Dieu, sauf la Parole, mais à tout à attendre de lui-même. »

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Our spiritual life is fundamentally existential.  Our destiny is in our hands, results from our efforts.  Neither faith nor prayer nor a miracle saves us, even if miracles exist—random, by the way— but the Good that we do.  We can only be conscious and sure of this Good accomplished by us.  Mankind chose and freely created Evil (The Revelation of Arès 2/1-5) and therefore will choose and put himself freely in Good. That is how mankind is in the image and likeness of the Creator.  Mankind has nothing to expect from God other than the Word, but everything to expect from himself.

Translation by djd


And a bit of artwork…


Half asleep on a plane, or was it a train, I was drawing this in my mind.  Then once home, at a moment without sleep, I put it down on paper.



From the States Vignette 3

The Mystery Box

The Mystery Box

This was often the center object on the breakfast buffets, flanked to the right by a large crock of oatmeal, bagels, breads, pastries, butters, jellies and so on, and flanked to the left by waffle batter and the irons for cooking them, syrup, et cetera.

With mild anticipation, but anticipation nevertheless, each day I wondered what I would find when I lifted the cover.

One day I had already put sausage gravy on a piece of bread before I realized it contained the biscuits which were meant for that purpose.

Others days I found:

  • scrambled eggs and bacon
  • sausage and potato hash
  • sausage and wraps (egg, sausage?)
  • scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage

I never did find raw milk or anything organic.  Ha, ha.


From the States Vignette 2


How could anyone iron with that short of a cord?  It’s impossible!  I was ready to call the front desk for an extension cord when I realized it really is impossible and therefore there must be some trick to it.  And there was….. just pull, it’s like a vacuum cleaner cord.  Plenty long.

From the States Vignette 1



One morning’s breakfast