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There Is a Rose in Breton January

Its name is William Shakespeare and it smells as sweet as one could desire.

There is also a snowdrop appearing.

These photos were taken on January 17th.

A Slice of Life

This one rose seemed to standing out, shining with particular beauty.

Happy 2013


one bedraggled rose

There is one bedraggled rose blooming beneath our dreary skies.  Its perfume is intact.  It seems to show the state of humanity—rather sad and yet still the possibility of the divine within.

My on-going resolution, which has nothing to do with the calendar, is to keep on trying to become Good.

“(When) sitting the brother sees the flower wilt(ing) and the rust (coming out), (he feels) his bone bend(ing); (then into) his head the hoe comes (to till) the garden (that) never fades.”

The Revelation of Arès xvi/17