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Granny Plays with her Food

Sometimes she even plays with other people’s food. These are for a reception.

swirls 1

You may have seen this type of thing on Youtube, as I did.


You don’t need to speak Arabic to get the gist.  I think one could use any kind of bread dough and any kind of filling.  They could be any size.

I made my regular pizza dough and some tapenade (olives, anchovies, capers, olive oil and lemon juice).  I needed these to be cool by noon so I made the dough last night and let it rise in the refrigerator.  A bit of cheese on top and in the oven for about 20 minutes.

swirls 2

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

What could be more festive?   A saffron wreath?   .

Work Can Be Fun

As I jumped on the spade to cut an edge along the path through the middle of the vegetable garden, I thought, « I want a pogo stick. »  Last time I checked for one in the stores, I was too heavy for the maximum recommended weight.  Maybe now that I’ve slimmed down, I can hope.   […]

Why Are We Surprised by Random Shootings?

Standing in line at the cash register my eyes fell upon the cover of a TV schedule magazine, vaunting a show or series about murder, promising humor and suspense.  It really hit me then that murder has become entertainment.  I had previously recognized its presence in books with the excuse to hone our deductive reasoning.  It should have come as no surprise I suppose.

Our Creator has been advising us for thousands of years on how to recreate a paradise.  One guideline is that we not kill each other.  How far have we fallen when killing serves for fun?

Scanning news articles, I am saddened by all the suffering we inflict upon each other.  Our Creator is aware of all the acts, all over the world, nothing in comparison with the few I see related.

“So the impenitent masses will meet perdition, who century after century keep on believing that deathtime is farther away than it actually is, (and so) keep on deferring to the next day giving up vanity, and the penitents’ prayers will be barely enough to warm the bones of the impenitent in the freezing darkness.

However great your sadness may be at their perdition, it cannot match Mine at the sight of My Children’s doom.

You shall not be so proud as to think that you are the Seed in considering yourself responsible for their doom; you shall not let your heart dim from conceited contrition; you would gravely sin in My Eyes if you lost your peace and courage in this way.”

The Revelation of Arès 13/4-6


Moping about the state of the world will do no good, only change will help, changing ourselves within, practicing love, compassion, forgiveness, making peace, seeking Goodness, what The Revelation of Arès calls “penitence” which is a joy for the one who has decided to change.


bank looking west

The joy of weeding and pruning the outside garden also

 bank looking east