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Arabic Variations on Bread

Pursuing my interest in learning Arabic, I have been watching lessons on Youtube, posted by a very nice couple named Maha and Luca.  Maha is the teacher who speaks Arabic and Hebrew as her maternal languages and has learned several others.  Luca is her husband and has been playing the role of student.  Recently they did two videos on making Arabic bread which inspired me to imitate it with my own dough.  It turned out good!

I don’t have the nifty oven they show so I had to improvise and my first idea didn’t get off the ground so I further improvised, but the proof is that they were all eaten in short time.  I wanted to use the bottom heat (that worked) and then the top heat with the grill function of the oven, but it wouldn’t light, so I just finished them in the regular oven.  This called “mannaquiche”; that is my own phonetic spelling. 

IMG_4374_1 IMG_4373_1 IMG_4372_1 IMG_4371_1 IMG_4370_1 IMG_4369_1 IMG_4368_1 IMG_4367_1 IMG_4366_1

Here are links to the videos which inspired this experiment:

Some Light Bulbs Take Longer to Warm Up

Sitting there, going one, two, three, four, five, dip down, one, two, three, four, five, dip down, my eyes happened to light upon the book I bought for learning Arabic and it occurred to me that I could do that in Arabic and then I would at least know how to count to five.

After several rows, I went up to ten on the back where I don’t really need to count.  Getting these polysyllabic words into my brain and out my mouth slows down my crocheting somewhat, but it feels good to be doing two things at once.