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How Nature Takes Over Anyway

In our garden is an area we covered in black plastic as a mulch to keep it clean until we get around to doing what I have planned for that space, an herb garden.  This has taken longer than foreseen so I clean it off somewhat every once in awhile.  While doing that I saw how nature could quickly take back the entire space.  The ivy sends out creeping shoots, moss forms, leaves and other debris accumulate, grass seeds fall and grow.  Such vitality!

The Creator’s life force is present in all of creation. 

“I am the Strength; the Strength is in the brother (and) in the evil man (alike). The Strength (is) in Yuhshoo, (in) Muhammad, (but also) in the black one, (in) the prickle; (It is) in the ear of the brother, (but also in) the horn (of the buffalo).”

The Revelation of Arès xxviii/5-6

He created us free to choose as we please.  We can work with nature or destroy it.  We can live up to the hopes He had in creating us as spiritual beings or let that part of us die.  We can accept what is commonly termed “human nature” or change it.  When people say oh that’s just human nature, it is usually resignation to our shortcomings, our downfalling.  We don’t have to accept that—we can change within and recover the divine image in which we were created.  I am getting out a spiritual hoe and taking it to work on my heart.  Will you join me?

Green Pudding for Breakfast?

No avocados were harmed in the preparation of this dish.

In some circles, green smoothies are being touted as the ultimate health food.  Crop circles? No, no. 

I have been enjoying our new high speed blender.  As I don’t care for drinking my food, I make a thicker mixture, more a pudding than a smoothie.  Kale for breakfast?  Spinach?  Chard?  Collard greens?  When it’s blended with fruit, seeds, milk, the taste is completely different from sautéed in butter.  However if the church were vegan, then I would be thrown out as a heretic for I incorporate milk and yoghurt in my mixture, albeit raw and live.

Recipe:  The night before put ¼ cup buckwheat groats to soak in water, along with 8-10 almonds.  Next morning drain and rinse well.  Put in blender.  Add 1 tablespoon flaxseed, 1 tablespoon sunflower seed, ½ banana, an apple (cored), 1 cup greens, about 1 cup milk, some cinnamon or nutmeg.  Blend.  This is surprisingly good.  It provides around 550 calories and a good third of the day’s nutritional needs (40% of the protein).

This is not the special from the diner—eggs, home fries, sausage, toast with butter and jelly.
This is not what we get at a hotel in France—baguette, croissant.
This is not what we had when I was a child—oatmeal or cold cereal or poached eggs and toast.
Preconceived notions of what constitutes breakfast?

How many other areas of our lives are governed by our cultural prejudices?  Can we free ourselves from them, becoming decultured?  This is not the same as uncultured.  It is more a rising above or a going beyond tradition and culture.  Not one of our cultures can be considered ideal.  No where have we created the perfect society.  And yet we have that possibility.  If we apply love and forgiveness, seek to make peace all around, use our creativity for Good, develop our heart’s intelligence in addition to our brains, we can create a world where all can flourish.  A greening of humanity through a recreating of our self.  We can change what is on the menu of human destiny.

“It is indeed very difficult to imagine, from the dark tunnels where we still live, what a changed world (28/7), a world without culture is going to be, but it emerges from The Revelation of Arès that it is going to be a process of diversifying in free harmony, but no mere evolution in the harness of a new culture.”

Challenging Myself

After several squares of garter stitch,  I felt like doing something more challenging so I got out my Encyclopédie des Ouvrages de Dames (by Thérèse Dillmont) and started this one knitted from the center on 4 needles.

I wasn’t too proud of the beginning with that hole.  Nearing the end I realized it was not going to be easy to knit a 20cm square on 20cm needles.  There is no room to space things out and it is difficult to measure.  I had to keep my eyes on 8 needle points plus the two with which I was working so as not to lose any stitches.

It looked like it might be a bit big but it turned out to be a bit small so I crocheted around the edge.  I took care of that hole in the middle with a flower.  Now it just needs an elephant to sit on it and flatten it out.  It will be sent to South Africa with KAS—Knit  A Square.

I thought I might entitle this blog entry A Harrowing Half Hour but I happened to think of those who are truly suffering with situations much more serious than dropped stitches in their knitting.  And yet, if we choose, we can build a world where we have only that sort of problem left.  We can change our hearts, stop seeking to dominate and exploit, practice love and compassion for all others.

Our choir has been working on The Beatitudes put to music by Arvo Pärt.  How often do we think to apply them in our daily life?  To be satisfied when we have enough, to feel with those who are suffering, to act without arrogance, to seek what is right, to forgive, to be pure, to build peace, to work for good even when ridiculed.  It would suffice for only a few generations to live this way and we would be back in the garden of Eden.  This is a challenge for myself.  Will you join me?  (You don’t have to know how to knit…)

Picture Perfect : Welcome to My World

Here is a view of “my world” (the north side of our house and roadside bed) where I also find expressed my world view.  With effort we can cultivate beauty and encourage life, be creative.  Opportunities to forgive abound, my neighbour’s maple tree seeds itself freely—I hate to pull out trees but don’t want a forest here.  I hope he has forgiven me for the shrubs that creep over the fence.  Crabgrass gets in there but I remain constant in pulling it out.  There is hope as seen by the forsythia about to bloom and the buds on the rose bushes (those brown sticks).  This is my garden, yet the work I do there has an influence on others, those that pass by, the neighbours who see it from their windows.  The same is true of the world in general—the efforts we make to be and do good flow out, contributing our part to reality.  Cultivating the inner and the outer garden of Earth—my world – and yours.

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Picture Perfect : Movement

There can be movement going on that we don’t see and then all of a sudden, the results pop up, like with bulbs in the garden.  In the winter, it seems as if all were dead, sleeping, but actually things are going on down under there.  These snow drops are the precursors to the spring show of daffodils, etc., that will arrive with just a bit more time, the moving along of the season.

Within ourselves, there can be a movement, a stirring of conscience.  The biologist can explain what moves the bulb, but what can awaken our conscience?  What will break the dormancy of our divine nature, set us in movement to change the world, starting within and radiating outwards?  Even a direct manifestation of the Creator is not sufficient if we do not choose to put ourselves in movement.

“(On) man(‘s head) My Word is the ice crown.”

The Revelation of Arès vii/15

Unedited photo, other than downsizing,  taken today with our Canon Powershot A510.

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hay field

One thing that bothers me about the Ramadan fasting is that I tend to find myself longing for the day to be over, for evening to arrive, so that I can eat.  Yet life is so short, how can I wish for days to pass quickly?  We barely have the time necessary to become the sort of being God had in mind when He created us.  “To become” is perhaps pretentious, to work towards becoming rather.


“Shout everywhere, “Earthly life is short; happiness is not measured in years, it is measured in eternity; every man barely has time to repent, for the regrets of the specter only add torments to its torments ! Listen to the Word That I received and be saved ! “

 “The penitent is not the sinner who sits in dirt and wraps himself up in a sack, but the man who stops sinning, even though he wears festive clothes and scent and even though he sings to the music of flutes and trumpets; besides, do not joy and finery suit he who has changed his life ?”

The Revelation of Arès 36/23, 30/11


Picture Perfect: Safe

Here is a safe place – my husband’s arms.

These arms cannot keep me safe for eternity but the love they represent helps us on the upward path.

No one knows who is saved.  I can only go in the right direction.


God says in “The Revelation of Arès”:

The brother (that) is clear-sighted goes out (of) his (own) head, goes up into My Hand


Your brother sees the Light, he eats from My Hand ;


I do not raise (anyone forcibly). My Arm (waits) at the end of man ‘s arm ; (he grasps It if he wants to ).

(If) My Hand (and) his hand (together) hold the hoe, man is a thousand years old, (and) can still bite.


(But if) the eye lifts (to defy Me), (if) the hand leaves My Hand, (man falls) more dead (than) death



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additional photo – 3rd window

Last night’s entry was made after a long day with several obstacles to overcome.  I realized later there was not a good general view of the window so I am adding this photo.  Don’t forget, you can click on photos to see them bigger.

Liberty Exhibit – 2nd window

We changed the windows for the exhibit about absolute freedom.  This was how we set up the main window:

Later in the day, we realized something was missing, it looked rather austere, so we added some colour:

L’homme n’est Homme que libre

Man is man only when free.


« Je n’élève pas de force. Mon Bras attend au bout du bras d’homme ; il Le saisit s’il veut »       (Révélation d’Arès XXX/6)

“I do not raise anyone forcibly. My Arm waits at the end of man’s arm ; he grasps It if he wants to.” The Revelation of Arès XXX/6

In the small side window:

La liberté absolue ! La seule liberté inscrite dans la nature humaine.

Absolute freedom ! The only freedom which is part of human nature.

Liberty Exhibit iii

L’homme, en manque de Liberté Absolue, ne peut sentir le besoin d’entraide directe, de réflexion, de droiture et de vérité, bref, trouver l’amour du prochain !


Man, lacking in absolute freedom, cannot feel the need for direct mutual aid, reflection, uprightness, truth, in short,  find love for his neighbor !