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I need to stop smiling when I’m outside—the wrinkles are staying white and showing up more on my tan face.

I only noticed this when I pushed my cheek out with my tongue.  Tongue in cheek ?

Or else smile all the time so no one notices ?

Often when I am in the bathroom, I see a strange woman.  My husband says this never happens to him.

Snails and Elephants


A new friend sent me a picture (edit: it has disappeared but must have been of a snail) saying he thought I might like to use it on my blog.  So I got to thinking “what link is there between me and a snail?”

I am sometimes reproached for plodding along.   And I definitely have a voracious appetite.  Snails and slugs are presently destroying my hosta, in spite of a heavy layer of ash meant to protect.  I would rather be in the cool shade than the hot sun.

In college we once had a dorm meeting in order to get to know each other; as an exercise we were asked to say which animal we would like to be.  I chose the elephant.  They are powerful without worrying about beauty.  With their trunk they give themselves the pleasure of a refreshing shower after rolling in the mud.  They are very maternal (of course I would be a female elephant).  They are said to be wise.

What do I have in common with the elephant?  Wrinkles, playing in the dirt as I garden, trumpeting (I sing), and I still try to take care of my children (grown) on some level.  Wisdom is a goal, but I can’t say how close I am to it…

Now, can you see any similarities between elephants and snails?  I sense something of a spiral nature.  Lumbering.  Calmly going about one’s business.


A song I like:

L’Escargot, from 30 Chantefables pour les enfants sages de Robert Desnos

“Est-ce que le temps est beau?” se demandait l’escargot.

“Car, pour moi, s’il faisait beau,

c’est qu’il ferait vilain temps.

J’aime qu’il tombe de l’eau.

Voilà mon tempérament!”

Combien de gens, et sans coquille,

n’aiment pas que le soleil brille.

Il est caché? Il reviendra.

L’escargot? on le mangera.


“Is the weather nice?”, asked the snail.

“Because for me, if it’s nice,

it means horrible weather.

I like when water is falling,

That’s my nature.”

How many people, and without shells,

Don’t like when the sun shines.

Is it hiding?  It’ll be back.

And the snail?  we’ll have him for dinner.


Hope you all look for the bright side of life and work at making it so.