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Lasting Love


The Smell of Marigolds


three marigolds

Our grandchild doesn’t know

My hands often smell of marigolds

I thought as I plucked the faded blossoms,

Savoured the burst of flavour from small orange Sungold tomatoes

Straight from the vine.

I would gladly have shared

Instead of putting all four into my mouth

But the distance is too great,

Our dwellings too far apart,

Two circles of love

Rarely intersecting

On the physical plane.


May Day 2013

muguet 1 mai 2013

Happy May Day!

This year the lily of the valley has not opened yet but the buds are lovely with their promise of perfume soon to come. May Day has dawned as a gray day with a west northwest wind.  Temperature was 5.8°C upon arising.

Today is La Fête du Travail in France, like Labor Day.  Some of the politically inclined, led by unions, will march.  Most people hope for nice enough weather to have a cook-out.  If the day off can be managed into a long weekend, that’s even better.

Our Creator recommends that we work:

“for work is (a) good (thing) for the worker, and he gets reward for it.”  The Revelation of Arès 16/8

He does not approve of domination nor exploitation:

“Outside the wall the cruds lay down the women, the(ir) fire rake pulls the money (in), (they) eat the cream of earth; (they) cover My Hand (like) the cockroach, (they) swat (It); (they) hitch the people (like) the dogs.”  The Revelation of Arès xxxii/14


May we choose to practice love in all areas of our dally life, working for the Good of everyone in each thing we do.



Ringing in the New

This morning I woke up at home after being away for two weeks.  Soon I was walking around the garden in my nightclothes under a light rain.  Back to “normal”.  Guffaw.

Spending the holidays with family, there was so much love radiating, I feel my heart and soul have been super-charged.  Already when we give out love, we recharge our spiritual batteries but when we receive also, it goes over the top.

I was jumping for joy.

Our bodies were nourished also.  This is a raw “risotto” preparation.

One evening I took a few moments to paint this sunset.

May you all have a wonderful year 2012, filled with love, peace and plenty of opportunities for creativity and joy.
May we all go forward on the path that leads to a changed world. 
Our Creator is waiting.

Shining Light

Let your Light so shine…*
The Light of divine Love
An ever renewable energy.

*Mathew 5:16

Picture Perfect : Love is in the Air


Love is in the air and it smells good!

One of the simplest and most universal ways of expressing love, be it instinctive (maternal/paternal), romantic, or fraternal, is to share a meal.  My husband is working on an osso bucco and I made a cake, a Boston Cream Pie.

Love is in the air; it flows from the Source of all that is.  We can breathe it in and radiate it out. The Usui method of reiki taught me a lot about this.  We all have this capacity.

Love is as necessary for spiritual life as air is for physical life.

“C’mon people now, smile on your brother

Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.”

For more entries on the theme of Love is in the Air, go to Picture Perfect.

I’m not sure of the author of the lyrics; it might be Jesse Colin Young. (Audio in first comment)

Reuben, Arabic and Love

For my first lunch alone in what seems like weeks, I treated myself to a Reuben facsimile.  It definitely was not kosher because I used a piece of ham, but we can’t get pastrami here—I would have to go to Jersey or Paris for that.  But I did have some lovely lacto-fermented sauerkraut which I like to eat basically still alive, in other words, not too cooked.  So I put some of that on there, with some cheese, mustard, a bit of mayo, and then grilled it; I needed a little bit of butter for that, on the outside of the bread.  About halfway through eating it, I thought this is so good, I should put it on my blog.  But a photo of a half-eaten sandwich?  Isn’t that kind of gross?  I have my doubts as to whether that would be appreciated.  Thinking about it, soon there was only a quarter of it left and now there is none.  But it sure was good. 

Every once in awhile I make an effort in the direction of learning Arabic.  I have been watching some youtube videos.  Here’s one that might come in handy for an artist:

Colours in Arabic

I also watched some about writing.  I saw letters grouped by whether or not they are ever connected to a letter following it.  I saw letters grouped by similarity in their basic shapes.  Now I am wondering do they ever use what we call alphabetical order?  Nevertheless, they all seem to start with alif.  It is good to realize there are several ways of doing things.  That can lead to a freeing from the “laws” of culture.

We listened to the radio this week to get news about the road conditions and school buses.  There is a lot of blah-blah-blah and publicity.  One phrase jumped out to my ears—sometimes love is not enough.  It was an ad for an XYZ-box, the one that hooks up the computer and the internet, etc. 

It’s true, when trouble starts down there under the computer table, the kind of love that just sits there and thinks in pink won’t be of much use.  But thinking a bit further, that is true in general.  All we need is love, but the kind of love that gets us up and moves us to action.