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Celebrating Taste 2012

In France this week is dedicated to taste, la semaine du goût. The library in a nearby town organizes activities and our club participates by bringing things to taste. The club’s purpose is to foster relations, activities and integration among people from different cultural backgrounds. Everyone enjoys tasting British cakes, biscuits, scones and the like, not to mention mousse au chocolat. I shared my recent interest in raw food by demonstrating a green smoothie. Kale is not well known here although I have seen it used ornamentally (see previous post).

This was the first time I did something like this. Here everything is all set up, ready to go.

The vegetable sculptures one of the librarians makes along with any children that drop by. She raids her garden for the materials.


Ready to press the button.


About 15 people tasted and no one said beurk.

If you click on my tag word “taste”, other entries will come up, some of which are about this week in previous years.

This is the leaflet I had prepared.

Simple Smoothie Vert

269 g bananes, (3 moyen) bananas

457 g pommes (4-5) apples

49 g chou feuille (3-4 feuilles) ou autre verdure kale or other greens

12 g graines de lin (1 c. à soupe) flaxseed

½ c. à café cannelle cinnamon

Tout mixer. Ajouter un peu d’eau si nécessaire.

Blend, adding some water if necessary.

569 calories

8g protéine (19% des besoins quotidiens)

134 g glucides

7.1 g lipides

634.9 g eau

fibre 22 g (109%)

oméga 3 2.9 g (98%)

oméga 6 1.1 g (37%)

saturé 0.9 g (5%)

B1 0.4 mg (38%)

B2 0.4 mg (36%)

B3 3.1 mg (22%)

B5 1.3 mg (27%)

B6 1.4 mg (91%)

B9 acide folique 92.2 µg (23%)

A 1328 IU (57%)

C 103.3 mg (138%)

E 1.2 mg (8%)

K 412.7 µg (459%)

Calcium 150.6 mg (30%-végétalien)

Cuivre 0.6 mg (70%)

Fer 2.9 mg (36%)

Magnésium 160 mg (50%)

Manganèse 1.8 mg (99%)

Phosphore 214.8 mg (31%)

Potassium 1774.2 mg (38%)

Sélénium 6.2 µg (11%)

Sodium 32.1 mg (2%)

Zinc 1.3 mg (17%)


Differing Canons of Beauty

While in the United States gardeners are often persecuted for or prohibited from growing vegetables in the front yard, here in France, municipal gardeners showcase them resplendent in their beauty.  Here are some photos I took this morning in a nearby town.   Red ribbed chard, curly green kale and red leaved kale.   A […]