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Say Peas Please 3

They are now in the ground in the greenhouse.



You can also see other things that are overwintering.






Say Peas Please 1

This is something I did last year and as it was successful, I am trying it again, albeit I started a bit earlier last year. These peas were put to soak either Sunday or Monday night and then drained the next day, rinsed and well-drained several times a day. By Wednesday, they had begun to […]

A Pea Experiment

I set a few peas to sprout, soaking them overnight and then rinsing them regularly in a strainer. It only took about 3 days. Then I potted them up in compost. After a week they had grown amazingly with roots even starting to come out the drainage holes. Now they are out in the greenhouse. We shall see, this is the first time I have tried this.

peas 1 peas 2