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Scary, Beautiful or … ?

From my garden:

Ginger and Cardoons

The ginger has sprouted the beginnings of a leaf stem.
It was planted in February.

The cardoon seeds are ready to travel.  I wonder if this is dangerous.

Enzymes and Cardoons

Yesterday I read an article about enzymes:


I don’t remember them from when I was in grade school but later they appeared on TV as little round creatures that cleaned one’s bathtub and then went merrily down the drain.

The article mentions 3,000 identified sorts. That reminds me of the wine-producing chateaux in France. When I realized how many different ones there are (somewhere around 2,500), I gave up trying to remember the names of the ones of which I had enjoyed a bottle.

“Enzymes are the catalysts that cause many essential biochemical reactions to happen—but they are not “used up” IN the reaction.” (from the fore-mentioned article) We can play a similar role in society, being catalysts for good which will strengthen us rather than use us up, help build our souls which are vital for our spiritual existence, that which differentiates us from being simply a thinking animal.

Meanwhile in the garden I have been observing a cardoon. I should have tied up the leaves to blanch them and then eat the ribs sometime back in November-December, but time got away from me so I have been enjoying their flowers. Cardoons are related to artichokes.

I decided to bisect one and saw that we probably could have cooked them like an artichoke and eaten the heart, however, it’s too late for that also since they are in full bloom. I will know better if there is a next time.

Here is a link about cardoons:


Unexpectedly in this article I found they have to do with enzymes.