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Blog Action Day 2009 – Climate Change

There is climate change I would like to see.

No, I don’t mean lakes disappearing from over-irrigation, nor clouds of pollution, nor polar bears with no place to go, nor palm trees in Scotland.

The climate change I would like to see is in human relations—peacemaking, forgiveness, sharing, encouraging each and every person to be the best person they can, freely.  We can change the climate to Garden of Eden instead of the dog-eat-dog world we have created.

All it takes is a little work on oneself, continuous, ongoing, but not over-taxing, the effort to be and do good.



Helicoidal Ladder to Heaven on Earth


watercolour representing the possibilities being discovered in the field of epigenetics,

the path shown by our Creator, most recently in The Revelation of Arès


Blog Action Day-2008-Poverty

The solution to poverty is not only a material one but also a spiritual one.

Wealth and poverty are relative,  There will probably always be someone richer than you, someone poorer than you; however it seems to me that each human being should somehow have access to at least a strict minimum of food and shelter, hygiene.  This we can do, if we put our minds and will to it.

It will only come about if we change our hearts and seek the well-being of all humans rather than exercising our greed.

A few mundane examples come to mind :  If you are the owner of a rental property, why not set the rate at a medium price rather the highest the market will allow ?  If you are an employer, why not reduce the difference between the salaries of the  management and the workers?  If you wish to dispose of goods that have value, why not give them to a charitable organization rather than dump them in the garbage?  Click on http://www.thehungersite.com

When will we stop cutting the pie so as to get the biggest piece for ourselves?

The Creator asks us to be fair:

“you shall teach Truth,
you shall love My People,
you shall help the oppressed man against the oppressor,
the despoiled man against the despoiler ;
along with your brothers of the steppes, those who do not utter My Name, you shall establish equity.”

The Revelation of Arès 28/10b


If you read French, you will find an in-depth article on this subject at: