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Random Thoughts and Notes iii

Sometimes the gardener wonders what happens to plants…


One night I woke up and looked at the clock; it was 23:41.  Oh, I thought, it’s still yesterday.

How can bath towels get stinky when they are only used to dry a clean body?

I did a good job washing my car, even the bits you tell a boy to do in case his date wears a dress.  I don’t know if my friends will be wearing dresses, but we have signed up for an outdoor watercolour workshop tomorrow.  I wanted the car to be at least halfway decent.

There are phrases that are commonplace, yet I wonder do we really hear what we are saying?  Like “war crimes”—is there a part of war that isn’t a crime?  “Rules of engagement, laws of war”—OK, we’ve decided we’re going to do horrible things, but not too horrible, you know, there’s a limit to our horribility, let’s say we can kill this way, but not that way, and these ones but not those ones, hey!–you broke the rules!

Who are we fooling?  Am I the only one that sees this as blatant lying?

So Far to Go

I was playing legos with my grandson, 3 1/2 years old. He smashed my project, then I smashed his, thinking somewhere that will teach him what it feels like to have your project smashed and maybe he won’t do that.

Husband, observing, said the never-ending- cycle of revenge.

He was right.

I despair.

How can I expect humanity to renounce war when I can’t even practice forgiveness in a play situation?

Jarring Images

Standing peacefully braiding lavender, listening to the classical music station, when the news comes on telling of war.


Last year we had maybe one courgette/zucchini, due to going away and a dry spell and maybe mildew.  So this year we are particularly happy to see those green things arriving, long ones and round ones.  But I happened to think there might be gardens in Lebanon that got blown up.


I know that is trivial compared to human life, but somehow it is the small details that knock it home to me – like passing by soon after a road accident and seeing people’s things strewed everywhere.


I don’t like being negative either or a downer, but things have got to change or what’s the point?