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Surprise, Surprise!

On the way to the airport, I put my hands in my pockets and found something in there, even though I thought I had finished with gloves for the season and taken them out. What was in there? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – packets of seeds from last minute sowings the night before. What will happen to me at customs? I don’t want any hassles. Normally seeds are not a problem, but these days one never knows. There is a post office at the airport, but it was closed. We did find an envelope and stamps at the newsstand and put the package in the mailbox, addressed to myself.

Son and grandson met us upon arrival. Rather foggily, I noticed the car turn towards where they used to live and then continue past there. An errand to run perhaps? Then we turned into the driveway of a smart-looking house. They had signed the papers only four days before!

In France, when nothing has been added to a product, it is marked “naturel“. I remember my boys really liked mashed banana with plain yogurt and thought grandson might like that too. What a shock when I opened up the natural yogurt and it was purple! Blueberries go well with banana, but grandson was not tempted.

In North Carolina, we appreciated the redbud and flowering dogwoods. In Pennsylvania, we woke up to everything covered in white. I never dreamed of a white Easter!!!

It never occurred to me that there was a time change between North Carolina and Chicago. We thought our plane would be already boarding, but actually it wasn’t even there yet.

I did not like the announcements calling on us to report any suspicious behavior. It made me think of Russia where everyone spied on each other and turned each other in, at least if one can believe what is written in spy novels. I saw things I don’t think are normal — people drinking soft drinks, people who have poked holes in themselves. What if someone thinks I look weird? (Sometimes I think so myself.)

At home, watering in the greenhouse, I can’t remember what I planted. Hey, all I gotta’ do is open that envelope!

You may have guessed by now that food is one of my favorite occupations. Tonight I tried doing some candied violets (photo above). They were nice and open when I dipped them in the egg white, but as I pulled them out, they closed. I will taste them tomorrow.