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Identification is Closer

Some time back I sowed some seeds from the mysterious capsules shown in this blog entry :

A weedy looking “thang” has been hanging around in the pot.  I didn’t know if it was from seeds that had blown in there or if it was from the seeds I planted until the other day when I saw this green lantern dangling near the chives.  A little bit more research and I should eventually find out this plant’s name.  It makes an inconspicuous yellow flower.

Funny thing—while re-reading my previous entry on this subject, I noticed the coincidence that my friend’s neufbox has again been zapped by lightning (the storms we had on Saturday).  She was the 10th person to show up in the company’s local office with that problem.  It’s so much easier to go to a local office than to try to deal with a helpline.  “They” have their set procedures and cannot deal with situations outside of their norm such as not being able to use a mobile in front of a computer because there is no signal in the house.  Our granite walls here in Brittany protect us in more ways than one.

Popping Impatiens Balsamina Seedheads

I hope this isn’t too giggly……………

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral

As I was cleaning the iris bed down south at the turn of the month, something caught my eye.  It looked like a pile of differently shaped gravel or was it snails (who love to devour irises)?  Upon closer inspection, it was seed capsules, but I have been unable to determine what kind even after looking at several dozen google pages.

Meanwhile on the western front, on Friday evening there was some serious lightening.  My good friend had it come in their window, pass between two people and sizzle their neufbox which assures their internet connection and land phone line.  Other friends also had similar damage, seeing the flame come into their home and hone in on various appliances.  I wondered how lightening could go through a closed window leaving it intact and totally destroy another object.  I guess it passes through like light.