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Another Experimental Salad

Needing to eat some of the physalis (groundcherries) that have been accumulating in the kitchen, I was looking around (in my head) for an idea.  I wondered how they would be with some raw lacto-fermented sauerkraut.  It seemed to need something green so I added dandelion greens and parsley.  Now, what to do for a sauce?  None of my ideas seemed right so I tasted it without any but no, something was needed to tie things together.  Finally I settled on a spoonful of hemp oil and bit of coriander seed.  Not bad, but could be better.


We have two varieties of this plant growing in the greenhouse.  One self-sowed from last year and the other was given to me in a plant exchange.  I remember my grandmother growing them outside in her Pennsylvania garden but here in Brittany we don’t get the heat and it’s often damp.  I like this climate except for growing tomatoes.

Taste Week 2011

This is Taste Week here in France.  I took a preparation to the library in a nearby town as I did last year.  This year I made a raw carrot confection, a version of a carrot cake.  I was quite amused when someone else added their contribution to the table and it was a traditional carrot cake.  Well, in the British tradition, I guess, since the frosting was made with double cream and Americans usually use cream cheese.  The raw recipe was appreciated.  You can find it here: I added some grated ginger root to the base.

There were some Arcimboldo-inspired compositions with vegetables.

I also shared some watercolours  which they were kind enough to display.

The exhibit examined another aspect of taste, that of art and having good taste or bad taste, kitsch, pop art, bling-bling.  I should have taken notes as there were some ideas I found sad and for which there are answers in The Revelation of Arès.  No longer knowing what is in good taste or not, not knowing what beauty is, the ideas of one class being imposed on all, crass materialism reigning, a sense of paradise lost, the relative recency of nature being considered beautiful with the conclusion that “it’s not natural to find Nature beautiful.” 

There should be room for all kinds of taste; diversity is an attribute of the creation.  There is no need for judgment or prejudice.  There is a paradise lost which we can recreate although it probably will not resemble the images we currently have of it. 


Your head is weak and your courage wavering, therefore My Breath will continually revive your thought and heart so that you can tell what is good from what is evil in My Eyes, what is enough from what is not much and what is too much, what is beautiful from what is not, for beauty is the servant of Good.”  The Revelation of Arès 12/3


The more good we create, the more beauty we will find and the more things will be alive and full of taste.  Good taste.


Let me tell you why you are here. You’re here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth. If you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godliness? You’ve lost your usefulness and will end up in the garbage.  Here’s another way to put it: You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world.”  Matthew 5:13-14 (The Message)

Raw Is Not New

This is the cover from the July 1978 issue of this magazine.  The article was written by Jeff Cox.  He mentions enzymes, vitamins, leukocytes, the benefits of raw food for intestinal health, diabetes, cancer, referring to the work of John M. Douglass, Henning Karstrom, Rick Ingrasci, Michael Janson, Ann Wigmore, Paul Kouchakoff, Francis M. Pottenger.

I remember doing a paper in college in 1975 about food additives and modifications, particularly concerning hydrogenated fats.  The research I found about it was done in the 1950’s and it took until the 1990’s for mainstream policies to be changed.  Forty years.

Our physical health is important because we need our body in order to nourish our spiritual nature since the soul is created by doing good.  It’s not easy to do good deeds if you don’t have a body.  Our bodies and minds work together to build the soul.  This was pointed out clearly in The Revelation of Arès, a message received in 1974 and 1977.  Perhaps the time is ripe?  Are we ready to listen and act?  To change our behaviour so as to change the world?  To go deeper than what we eat physically and change what we produce spiritually?  How about the living goodness of love, forgiveness, peacemaking, no prejudice or judgment?

Chia Seeds: Another Raw Adventure

Ever the gastronomically curious, I wanted to try using chia seeds. It took me awhile to find some but it did happen.

Inspired by a video by Mimi Kirk I made the following preparation:

½ cup almonds—soaked for about 8 hours, then drained

Chopped, blended, etc. adding water to make 2 cups liquid (an almond milk).

Puréed 3 dates and 1 fresh apricot using just enough of the liquid to do so, then mixed all together.

Added ¼ tsp. cinnamon, ¼ tsp. ginger, a pinch of salt, cup chia seeds.

I stirred well several times and then put the preparation in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day:

What do you think? It is definitely no longer a liquid. And now for the taste test:

It was fresh, mild. I could taste the cinnamon somewhat, but not much else. My husband said these seeds must be “extincteurs de goût”. The opposite of mono-sodium glutamate I guess. I see a need for creativity, to find ways of using their properties of gelling a liquid without cooking. It could be a savoury liquid as well as a sweet one.

I am also curious about growing them.  The plant flowers since these are its seeds.  It is “salvia hispanica”.  Salvia is sage.  Stay tuned for more adventures. 

Easy Peasey

Just peel and eat
They’re oh SO sweet
Fresh from the garden
They can’t be beat.

Sprouted Quinoa

Another adventure in raw food–sprouted quinoa.  This could almost be called fast food.  These seeds were soaked for half an hour, then drained.  They sprouted over night.  I spilled a few out so you could see the little shoots.

I prepared them in a salad.  I was happy with the carrot, spinach, basil, parsley part, but the shallot was too strong, even though I had let it set in vinegar for a while before adding the other ingredients.

Random Thoughts and Notes v

After a bit of research, I found that collard greens in France are the cavalier vert type of cabbage.  I found some seeds at the store today.  Notice the package says it’s for animals.

Yes, I agree.  Yes, you are making some very good points.  Beep.  End of today’s anti-contrariness exercise.

I have said this before but each time it’s a shock—I don’t recognize that woman in the bathroom mirror.  It’s not just the wrinkles and different hair colour.  I think the shape of her face has changed, right down to the bone  “struckcha”.  They didn’t tell us about that in school.  We learned some about child development, that one became an adult at age 21 and then that was it.  There was nothing about jowls or flabby upper arms or bulbous noses.

Why do I expect to have learned everything in school?

At times I am so emotional I think I would cry at my own funeral except that I hope to be cremated.

The following thought has been deleted by the author.  Or was it the preceding one?  It was only half-formed, never materialized, aborted before it came to anything.  Je déblatère.  Eh, oui.  A lovely word « déblatérer » for saying to run off at the mouth.  Blatte=cockroach.  Getting rid of cockroaches?

I happened to think I can’t remember the last doughnut I ate.  I’m not even hungry for them any more.  I wondered if I had known it would the last one, would I have eaten two?  Only ½?  None?  What is this rejection of a middle balanced place, this constant seeking of extremes?

Now I know that what we eat cannot save us on the absolute level; Jesus did say it’s not what you put in your mouth, it’s what comes out of it that’s important.  However, reflecting on the degeneration of the human race which has been ongoing since Adam (yes, Methuselah really did live 9 hundred something of our regular years and not moons or seasons as was suggested in Sunday school because no one talks about how our behaviour has influenced the whole of humanity) I wonder if we have not lost our intuition even on this basic level.  There is a tendency to a sort of worship of tradition, taking it to be truth, but this has not led us to any semblance of the garden of Eden.  Many of us are not even in very good health.

I have no conclusion so this will randomly end here.