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Picture Perfect: Worn

These are my old jeans; they need fixed again.  My “good” jeans are getting a bit frayed around the cuffs so I bought a new pair which means the old “good” ones may now be worn in the garden and this pair may be relegated to a trunk in the attic unless I get the urge to add another patch.  I saw a similar pair in a shop window on a ritzy street in the south of France for 285 euros.

The chair you see here was quite worn when we got it; I redid the caning, waxed it and now it’s as good as new.  I don’t know when I will take the time to do its mate.

The stone trough (lower right) was hidden in a wall where we opened a passageway.  It probably was for doing dishes or salting pork originally.  I put plants in it.

One element of worn things that we admire may be the effort involved for them to remain functional.  Perhaps it is also a seeking of the eternal. 

Somewhere within, we have an inkling that we were meant to be perpetual.  A patched up, re-worked, sanded over soul will not have the same beauty as a pure innocent child, but it will have the triumph of having overcome.

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Designer Jeans

All patched up and ready to go.
A few rays of sun, garden, here I come!