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Picture Perfect : I Spy … F

Feeding the Flock

Before we got chickens, I took care to research what would be the best to feed them.  After all, I am depriving them of their liberty; the least I can do is to feed them well.  It may be that they eat better than some people since I sprout wheat, corn and lentils for them.

We also must consider what we feed ourselves—physically, mentally and spiritually.

For spiritual food, I have found nothing better than our Creator’s Word, given in the past in the Bible and the Qur’an,  and fresh for today in The Revelation of Arès.  Pronouncing It with the aim to accomplish It germinates good within.

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I turned the dial to the little icon with a sprinter for this shot which gives a higher speed, since they were moving.  Canon Powershot  A510

Stretch Jeans—What Luck !

Part One

It was a mild gray morning as I drove the half an hour to a nearby town for a yoga class.  I was feeling good as I had managed to get up, have breakfast, take a shower, wash my hair, do some dishes, feed the chickens and take the garbage to the dumpster.  All this and I was still on time, although I parked in the closer lot which is free on Mondays.  My hand stretched towards the dash where I usually put my purse–???    Nothing there.  Uh oh.  I glance at the passenger’s seat.  Nothing there either.  Not only no purse, but also no yoga pants.  This happened before and I bought a pair but that is not a solution to be used very often.    Maybe the garbage fooled my reflexes?  Fortunately, I am wearing stretch jeans.  Without the belt, they shall have to do.  (I don’t like wearing my yoga clothes on the street, it feels like pajamas.)  As I climb the stairs to the third-floor studio, I notice a difference—I feel very light and free.  All goes well during the class and as I scamper down the stairs afterwards, again I notice the lightness.  With no purse, I cannot stop anywhere for purchases so I head straight home.  I am lucky in that no one asks me for any documents and I don’t sneeze nor need to read anything in fine print.


Part Two—How One Chicken Drumstick Feeds Two People

I fixed lunch with what was hanging around.  First I started the whole-grain rice.  Then I chopped two onions and started them cooking in a bit of olive oil.  There was a fennel bulb in the refrigerator, allez, chopped and in the pan.  I added about 4 or 5 cloves of garlic, halved and de-germed, and a three-fingered pinch of large grain sea salt.  Two peppers from the greenhouse were finally ripe so I put them in, leaving the pieces rather large so as to be able to specifically taste them. (I have been watching them since June.)  There was one leftover drumstick, I took the meat from it and chopped that, added to the skillet, put a lid on it.  At the last minute, parsley chopped with the handy gadget you see here.  After lunch, the jeans were just as comfortable as before lunch.






A third part which is not lucky at all and brings a somber note; my 84 year-old mother will probably be having open heart surgery next week.

Picture Perfect: I Spy "P"

I spy with my little eye several things we had for dinner that start with “P”–poulet (chicken), patates (pommes de terre, potatoes) and pie.  Not shown, not beginning with “P” are carrots (in the Pan nevertheless) and salad.  Bon appétit!

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May 29-30, 2006 – Chicken

Today we are celebrating 29 years of marriage.  As yesterday was Mother’s Day here in France and we know better than to go to a restaurant, the Monday after, I fixed us a festive dinner with chicken as the main dish.


Realizing that things differ around the world, let me say that the chicken was already dead, plucked, and cleaned.


Husband arrived and the day flew by so now it is yesterday’s tomorrow, meaning today, but not the same day as yesterday when I started writing this post… but I still want to explain how I did the chicken in case anyone gets inspired to cook.

In a large oval glass baking dish, I put some olive oil, about 3 tablespoons, then about a tablespoon of zatar ( a mix of thyme, sesame, salt), a little more salt, pepper, and then a bit of zing (a nice ½ teaspoon powdered hot pepper).  I cut up the chicken, keeping the upper back, wingtips and breastbones for soup.  I put the pieces in the baking dish and turned them all around to coat with the seasoned oil.  Then I prepared 4 or 5 smallish onions, sliced finely; three nice red bell peppers (take out the seeds and the white bit), some garlic (as much as you have the patience to peel, at least 5 cloves) and mixed all that in with the chicken, mixing until all had a sheen from the oil.  Then I brought the chicken pieces on top of the rest and baked in a preheated oven, approx. 350° F, for a good hour.

If you just have this, you might want to fix some rice to go along with it, but as we had a French style dinner, this was sufficient – meaning we also had a starter, salad, cheese platter, and dessert.  I did a mini-bouquet with a few flowers from the garden, including some forget-me-not –  my idea of a little joke…


We are very happy to be celebrating this anniversary.  It takes work on oneself and perseverance (stubbornness?).  A desire to make real a sort of ideal.  Two people hand in hand walking towards a common goal.