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May 28, 2007 pm

We are going to celebrate thirty years of marriage this year. It has been all roses!

Now before you call me Pollyanna, remember that roses have thorns. They need water and they make good use of manure. They also bear fruit – we have two fine sons with lovely wives and a grandson.

I saved an incalculable sum of money today – incalculable because I usually do these things myself and so don’t know how much it would be to have them done for me. I cut my hair and washed it with some special earthy stuff called rhassoul. I gave myself a pedicure and a bit of reflexology while rubbing in some shea butter. I washed my car, vacuumed it and cleaned the windows. Then something came over me and I washed husband’s car! While I was doing that I examined my motives. I fear it was not pure love, but not wanting to waste the water with car shampoo in it. Then I vacuumed inside his car and did the windows – to make up for my lesser than noble feelings? Since the vacuum was out, I used it around the house – then scolded husband for not taking off his garden shoes before coming in. Probably will end up neutral in the scales of justice. Hmm, unless it tilts toward bad, since it is what is in the heart that counts the most.

Now I feel a bit tired, as if I had done a day’s work. But homemakers don’t “work”!

May 29-30, 2006 – Chicken

Today we are celebrating 29 years of marriage.  As yesterday was Mother’s Day here in France and we know better than to go to a restaurant, the Monday after, I fixed us a festive dinner with chicken as the main dish.


Realizing that things differ around the world, let me say that the chicken was already dead, plucked, and cleaned.


Husband arrived and the day flew by so now it is yesterday’s tomorrow, meaning today, but not the same day as yesterday when I started writing this post… but I still want to explain how I did the chicken in case anyone gets inspired to cook.

In a large oval glass baking dish, I put some olive oil, about 3 tablespoons, then about a tablespoon of zatar ( a mix of thyme, sesame, salt), a little more salt, pepper, and then a bit of zing (a nice ½ teaspoon powdered hot pepper).  I cut up the chicken, keeping the upper back, wingtips and breastbones for soup.  I put the pieces in the baking dish and turned them all around to coat with the seasoned oil.  Then I prepared 4 or 5 smallish onions, sliced finely; three nice red bell peppers (take out the seeds and the white bit), some garlic (as much as you have the patience to peel, at least 5 cloves) and mixed all that in with the chicken, mixing until all had a sheen from the oil.  Then I brought the chicken pieces on top of the rest and baked in a preheated oven, approx. 350° F, for a good hour.

If you just have this, you might want to fix some rice to go along with it, but as we had a French style dinner, this was sufficient – meaning we also had a starter, salad, cheese platter, and dessert.  I did a mini-bouquet with a few flowers from the garden, including some forget-me-not –  my idea of a little joke…


We are very happy to be celebrating this anniversary.  It takes work on oneself and perseverance (stubbornness?).  A desire to make real a sort of ideal.  Two people hand in hand walking towards a common goal.