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It Has Grown


If all goes well, this will grow into a persimmon tree and bear fruit.

Already I enjoy the marvel that is its germination.

Spiritual Life is Part of our True Nature

“Life, which begins in the depths within, is explained by the silent living of a totally different experience: the awakening of spiritual life which must be born from the animal life we have on Earth, but sooner or later must go beyond it.  When the dependence on the senses takes its distance, the pleasures of daily life remain legitimate, but lose their weight.  Nothing that we learn about material life can replace learning about spiritual life through penitence; the two must go together.  That is very difficult to understand and above all, to share, but it is our mission that it be understood.  This mission does not rest upon ideas, but on the deep metaphysical to be awakened in the depths of one’s being.  The Word, in effect, does not teach us anything that the human being does not already know.  The Ten Commandments are in the Bible, but who did not already know for centuries, well before the Bible was written, that one should respect their parents, not steal, not lie, not kill, etc.  Man knew all of that already, since within him is the image and likeness of the Father.  It is in this capacity that mankind must become spiritual again.  An ideology is always materialistic and in this capacity only convinces those who are convinced; spiritual life makes us escape from this rough bond and brings us back to Life.”

Excerpt from the reply to comment 02jan20 214C49 at

Translated by djd

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Two Mixed Media Pieces and a Watercolour

I have been enjoying myself with mixed media lately in addition to watercolour.

This one was for a theme: Imaginaire (Imaginary).

I used image transferring, acrylic, pastel, Posca…  I finished it with a coat of Dorland’s Wax Medium.  It was done on a piece of cardboard (recycled packaging).

This one was wet-in-wet watercolour, no drawing beforehand.

Some Baking Things – 32x50cm


This was done on the backing from a bloc of watercolour paper.  I used the cover on the first layer of collage.  I drew a triskell, took a photo of it and then printed a page of the motif to also use as collage.  Acrylic paint with brushes and knife, Poscas, stencil with texture paste, and to finish, a tree made from yarn.  Fun, all the way around.



Some Things Need Fixed

It started with a sachet from a pastry shop.  The motif caught my eye, but the truth of the matter was “not quite right”.  While one can often find pleasure in eating good food, it is not really an inexhaustible source of Happiness.

I wondered if I could find the letters for the word love (amour) in “gourmandise” since that is the true source of real happiness.  Yes, I did.  Then I filled the holes with hearts.  I also had a bit of a donut box I brought back from the States; “share jelly donuts” had tickled me right away.  This orange must be an international choice of colour for gourmandise.


This reminds me of the work to be done on oneself, changing so as to be loving and thus transforming the world.  I modified the word “compostable” to read” réalisable” because it is entirely possible.

A touch of Le Rustique, an orange one that comes with Muenster cheese.  Hmmm, Muenster with jelly donuts, how would that be?

I have been having fun with mixed media lately, often inspired by LorriMarie Jenkins.



Learning to Cut Linoleum

Recently I attended a three-day workshop on lino-cutting for printmaking.  Yet again a necessity to think backwards as with this technique one carves out the whites.

We began by testing ourselves on some small leftover bits so as to get used to manipulating the tools without injuring ourselves and to see what would happen with our designs when printed.

For our main projects, we first drew on newsprint paper, then traced with tracing paper, then turned that over and using carbon paper, transferred it to the linoleum.

The second day I spent carving.  Yes, the whole day.  This piece of linoleum is A3 size.

The third day, we played with printing.  We had many types of paper at our disposal and also several colours of ink.  I mixed some green.  Some turned out better than others.  Sometimes I more or less missed the paper.

When I got home, I spread them all out to dry on an old duvet cover in the living room.


All of the participants exchanged a print of their work at the end.  These are what the others did: