Spiritual Laziness

“In as much as I speak to those around me, I find an important number of persons who consider the accumulation of laws and powers by bureaucrats in the police force, the tax offices, justice system, etc., to be excessive, even unacceptable, and yet they submit to them.  It is therefore that they prefer after all the unacceptable to the effort, certainly an enormous one, required to change their lives themselves.  The same is true of religion.  Most believers do not seek the real sense of the Creator’s Calls; they submit bone-idly to religious and superstitious dictates.  One finds the same lazy reflex, the search for ease or convenience, with the Hebrews in the desert when they complain, “If only we had died by the Lord’s hand in Egypt! There we sat around pots of meat and ate all the food we wanted, but you (Moses and Aaron) have brought us out into this desert to starve this entire assembly to death.” (Exodus 16:3 NIV)”

excerpt from 14aou16 176C111 Réponse


Translated by djd

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About djdfr

Daily life experiences by a Franco-American woman living in the Breton countryside form the basics of this blog. Gardening, watercolour, choral music, food, are some of my interests. I seek to balance the physical, mental and spiritual. I am a free believer praying from the Bible, the Qur’an and The Revelation of Arès. In 1974, with Jesus as the messenger, and in 1977, manifesting as a stick of light, Our Creator spoke directly to a man in Arès, France, named Michel Potay. The message is in the book “The Revelation of Arès”. It is a call for us to change, to practice love, peacemaking, forgiveness, to free ourselves from all prejudice, to develop our spiritual intelligence, the intelligence of the heart.

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