Picture Perfect : Tempting

Homemade bread fresh from the oven—is it tempting ?

(I hope you don’t mind I yielded to the temptation to scribble on my photo.)


Today I was tempted to make a little change from the usual, so I made rye bread with cardamom, caraway, and a spoonful of molasses.  The French don’t do rye bread that way; they might put some raisins in it but not spice.  This was not an impulsive temptation as I had purchased the rye flour earlier this week but I didn’t know I was going to use it today.

As one who aims to pronounce the phrase “that we may resist temptation” several times a day and once at night*, I sometimes question what is temptation.  Perhaps language plays tricks on us as surely not everything that is appealing must be resisted!  So what can be a guide?  Maybe asking whether or not someone will be harmed?  I might be that someone, if I eat a whole loaf of warm bread with butter melting on it, but just one piece should be OK.  So we find the necessity for moderation as an element. 

How do you decide what should be resisted?

*The Revelation of Arès 12/4


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About djdfr

Daily life experiences by a Franco-American woman living in the Breton countryside form the basics of this blog. Gardening, watercolour, choral music, food, are some of my interests. I seek to balance the physical, mental and spiritual. I am a free believer praying from the Bible, the Qur’an and The Revelation of Arès. In 1974, with Jesus as the messenger, and in 1977, manifesting as a stick of light, Our Creator spoke directly to a man in Arès, France, named Michel Potay. The message is in the book “The Revelation of Arès”. It is a call for us to change, to practice love, peacemaking, forgiveness, to free ourselves from all prejudice, to develop our spiritual intelligence, the intelligence of the heart.

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