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Post Scriptum

My husband called my attention to the fact that the talking rear view mirror incident actually occurred in the parking lot and therefore the headlights were not yet bothersome.  I must have been blurrier than I thought!

Today I drove my own car, a 15-year-old Fiat Uno whose fanciest button is the rear window wiper or maybe the radio-CD player.  I remembered to change gears, using the clutch.

Our main computer has conked out so we may have lost about 40 e-mails and it may  not be easy for me to put pictures on-line for awhile.

It was good to spend time with my sister and her husband who is fighting a brain tumor.  We talked about practicing forgiveness, something which is important every day, but even more so I think, if you realize you may be called to cross the great divide sooner than anticipated. Maybe it will be like trying to jump across a ditch with a backpack, the lighter, the better.  Sometimes I see the soul, which is built by doing and being good, like a hot-air balloon which can help us rise.

Rental Car Buttons

Over the years we have had several adventures with buttons on rental cars and the series continues. I now am in the habit of asking if the car has any special buttons but the answer is always no.

It was night and the headlights behind us were bothersome so my husband was pressing things on the rear view mirror.  The next thing we knew a woman who identified herself as Lynn was asking could she be of assistance with our emergency.  What emergency?  What’s going on here?  I replied that there was no emergency, please excuse us, we were just testing the buttons.  She then seemed to go away.  I remembered hearing something like a phone ring, two beeps, but how do you hang up a rear view mirror?

A few days later when I took over the driving, I was quite uncomfortable as my head seemed to be hitting the roof.  That’s what I get for wanting my hair to stand up?  I spun a dial on the front of the seat, but nothing happened, no one answered.  Then I found a lever on the side which very conveniently lowered the seat.  Satisfaction.

So beware if you press the plus button on the rear view mirror, you may get MORE than you bargained for.

The photo is a bit blurry, but so were we.