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Peace ter

A key element for peace is forgiveness. There are many opportunities to practice forgiveness (forgiving and being forgiven) in the course of a day – sometimes even before getting out of bed. It is all these decisions of the instant that create who you are. By practicing forgiveness, you can have peace within, a very good place to start.

Peace bis

I’ve been thinking it doesn’t do much good to pray for peace. “Blessed are the peacemakers” We must make peace, it will not be imposed from on high, it is up to us to put down arms, call a truce, work things out in a manner more equitable for everyone, be it in the Middle East, at the office or at home.


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If we wait till everyone agrees on everything to move forward, we will never advance. It has come to my attention that this week the World Council of Churches is promoting peace in Jerusalem. I don’t pretend to have specific ideas about how it should be done, I don’t know anything about this organization, but I do feel it is very important to establish peace. Everywhere. We must put an end to the endless cycle of revenge.

“As long as Jerusalem has not returned to the Heavenly Area you shall unflaggingly say to the wealthy, the mighty, the immodest, and priests, and others,

that, for the time being, they derive profuse benefit from soil, gold, iron and fire, and from the laborer’s salary, the little ones’ humility, the sinner’s weakness,

and that they have made their plundering, injustice and all their abominations into laws (and) into alliances which they persuade the men whom they dominate to seal in order to corrupt them, deceive them, rob them,

but (you also shall say to them) that they will meet the chastisement in store for those who make other men lose faith and righteousness,

because they have inspired the weak whom they dominate, and whom they take advantage of,

to become like their dominators and their despoilers ,

they have generated endless revenge.” (The Revelation of Arès 27/8-9)