Couleurs de Bretagne-Carantec

This is my entry for the contest which was held yesterday at Carantec.

Dans la rue Laennec 50x38cm Couleurs de Bretagne, Carantec

Dans la rue Laennec
Couleurs de Bretagne, Carantec

In the afternoon, I did another painting, just for fun.

Little Boat Line-up 27x50cm Carantec

Little Boat Line-up

Perseverance Pays Off

cotton socks 2

It’s not easy going.  It’s no fun un-knitting stitches crossed two by two.  I was starting to question whether or not I am too old for this project.  I was even having trouble telling left from right.  I realized it depends on if you are referring to where the stitch is coming from or where it is going.  Yes, I no longer knew whether I was coming or going.  I decided to concentrate on where I am going.  It’s not a pair of socks yet but it’s starting to resemble something.

It’s the same for changing the world.  We must set our project and work towards it, decide where we want to go.  I choose recreating Eden.  Our Creator says four generations will not be enough.  We must not give up.  I hope my great-grandchildren will start seeing noticeable change, but that depends on us plodding on.  We need more transparent non-sheep who no longer go baaaaaaaaaaa. (see previous post on August 4th and comments)  We need more penitents, those who are changing themselves, recreating themselves Good, in a counter-current to culture, tradition, the media, the herd of the mass.  Can we un-knit wars, conflicts, ill feelings, strife, not only in foreign places but in our daily lives?


“The Lord’s justice will dwell in the desert, his righteousness live in the fertile field.  The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.  My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.”

Isaiah 32:16-18

“…four generations will not be sufficient.  A single man cannot show the Way, another single man cannot gain Life, but many men succeeding one another in the tomb will show the Way”

The Revelation of Arès 24/2e-3

A Quick One from my own garden

Guest room window 32x24cm

Guest room window

The Transparency of Non-sheep

Excerpt from a reply to a comment at

31jul14 157C43 réponse

Published here by permission of the author

Translated by djd


A small number of mediocre and incompetent persons, full of sly “democracy”, but tightly welded, decide for the larger number, the mass. This tightly welded small number forms a solid religious and political crew (Rev. of Arès 34/3) against which no action seems possible and the crowd runs like a herd of sheep that go “baaaaaaaa” in front of “their bureaucratic dogs”. But the Father, who knows better than anyone else the levers used by the powers which He shames, says one must use their own principle against them in order to conquer them, the principle of a small number tightly welded together.

The Father calls this small number the small remnant.

The small remnant can change this world that a small number of religious and political rulers maintain in its current state in order to dominate it. This is the form that antagonism will take little by little from which will emerge a changed world. (Rev. of Arès 28/7)

The spiritual undertaking of the liberation of minds by a small group of free men of the time to come, that the Father puts in place through The Revelation of Arès, replies feebly today to the system of fashioning minds by the small number of religious and political rulers, but will reply stronger and stronger, for these are the free minds who produce souls.

You believe, R., in the inevitable fate ad vitam aeternam of the submission of peoples to the religious and political rulers’ cliques. We, we believe, with the Father who gave The Revelation of Arès, in the possibility of breaking down and destroying this fate through penitence; we believe in the rebirth of spiritual life, in the appearance of veritable free consciences, because they are becoming good.

The powerful politicians of this world only see as enemies the politicians who want to take their place. The politicians therefore don’t see any anti-politicians as visible. They forget that only that which is not transparent is visible. Now our penitence is transparent; penitents are transparent, among other reasons, because one wishes to ignore them, to forget them in all the media, print, sound, visual, to reduce them to nothing, to absolute silence. This inconvenience for us in the immediate will be an enormous advantage in the long run. We will make the public understand this. Something will change sooner or later in the mission, then in the world.

Your defeatism is more than distressing, it is dire, because it is at the same time fatalism. It certainly makes you a sheep in the herd. In fact, your comment “goes baaaaa”. We Arès Pilgrims refuse this destiny; we are in gentle but sure mutation towards the Light and liberty.



Note: Penitence means freely choosing to change oneself so as to be and do Good. This is accomplished by practicing love, peacemaking, forgiveness, freeing oneself from all prejudice and developing the heart’s intelligence.




It was a bread oven pizza day, a group of friends invited. I tried to provide a variety of toppings; not knowing their favourites, I chose mine. Ham, anchovies, mushrooms, sweet peppers, black olives, Emmenthal and Parmesan cheese, tomato sauce with oregano and garlic. “Where did you get the anchovies?” asked a friend who summers here. “ I bought them,” I replied. Then I realized that’s what most people do. Most people do not have a mother-in-law who supplied them with home-prepared anchovies for so many years, I did not realize one could buy the approximate equivalent. I miss those lovingly prepared jars and the hands that laboured over them.

I well remember the first time I had anchovies. I was 19 years old and had no idea previously that such a thing existed. I was working at a college student staffed conference center and heard others talking about them. They seemed to be a subject of controversy, some deemed them utterly revolting.   Nobody could clearly tell me what they were; fishy, strong, were mentioned. On a day off, I took the bus into town and happened to eat in a pizzeria. When I saw anchovies on the menu, I had to find out for myself. I expected something barely tolerable but found them not so extreme, in fact I liked them. Now they have become filled with tradition and family.




This Year’s Ramadan Reflections

No matter how much I eat for breakfast, I will be hungry at some point during the day.

I do not need to binge to make up for any deprivation.

I appreciate being conscious of the water I drink after brushing my teeth.

Once again—a blessed effort—none of the ill effects one might expect. (Friends –“not even water? I couldn’t”)

An inner strength has grown.

Don’t Despair

cotton socks 1

I don’t know how many years it will take for this to become a pair of socks but I have made a start.


The same can be said for a changed world.  Our Creator says it will take more than four generations.  I have begun at the only place I can, within, working to change myself into Good.  The tools appear to be quite simple—love, forgiveness, peacemaking, freeing oneself from prejudice, developing the heart’s intelligence, but if you give it some thought, you will see how revolutionary it can be when it spreads from one person to another.  We can recreate Eden, but we must get to work and not despair, saying that it is utopia. No, it is possible.  Our Creator is counting on us.

“That which I have been telling You­ I told It before; My Prophets and Witnesses delivered it to the world.  Man Michel, if You had listened to them, I would not have gone down to You.

But men’s memory under sin is like a fertile valley under drought, everything withers in it, the (once) lively water evaporates, man’s mind inhales air as a thirsty donkey (does), man drinks mire from the hollows of (empty) pools, he drinks anything that slakes his thirst for a short while.

Through you I will pour the Lively Water again.  Men, how many times will I have to quench your thirst until you achieve My Word?

Why do My Wounds remain open? Why are men opposed to Their Healing?

Hardly have they closed up when a time of abomination at its peak occurs; then blasphemy, all the outrages which induce men to lose faith, (and) greed, immodesty, falsehood grow beyond all that has been seen thus far; they open My Wounds as a pointed flint (does), they pour fire into Them.

They will not heal if man does not heal;

My Day is continually delayed.”

The Revelation of Arès 30/1-4


When a sufficient number of people work in the direction of Good:

“Then My Day will break.

I will gesture to the planet to stop (revolving) under your feet; there will be no longer day or night, but My Light will cover everything continuously; I will descend to visit My Barns,

I will stretch out both of My Arms over the universe, then it will shout for jubilation, it will tremble with delight, the stars will lighten as if ablaze, they will inflame and consume the remaining brushwood and thorn(bush).

I will lean over the graves, the funeral urns, the seas, the bones and ashes will quiver under the caress of the souls descending along with Me from the Saint’s Heights, they will put themselves together and stand up.”

The Revelation of Arès 31/8-11





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