Cosseting and Gusseting

Today’s self dialogue from under a comfy duvet :

(medium voice) Okay, you lazy bum, up and at ’em.

(high voice) But I am a poor old woman, a bit under the weather.

(low voice) You are pretty low if you are under the weather.


It’s pouring rain, after 8 o’clock and still basically dark outside.

A medicinal tea is in order. Cough, cough.

tisane herbs

 Thyme, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, pine buds and mint


This is called an apogème.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts because there is a synergy between the plants.  Together they accomplish more than alone.  The same is true for penitents.*  One person is not enough to change the world.  We must be a certain number in order to tip the scales towards Good.


Meanwhile I am up to the gusset (no, not the gullet) with the second sock.

half second sock



*Penitents are those who work to change themselves so as to be and do Good.

Feuilles sur la Place du 9 avril 1944 à Callac

Feuilles sur la Place du 9 avril 1944 à Callac 24x32cm

Feuilles sur la Place du 9 avril 1944 à Callac

Club Tea Table

Club Tea Table 24x32cm

Club Tea Table

The View from Here

  In Breton November is called miz du, the black month. With one’s thoughts turning towards death since this is the time of year that the French remember the dead and put chrysanthemums on graves, it can be somber.  Maybe I will go and see if the chrysanthemums are on sale now that the 1st […]

Hey, la haie !

On pourrait croire que j’ai perdu la boule,

sans boule   mais sa tête ne me plaisait pas ; alors, je la refais.

I dropped the ball on purpose and started a new one.  It wasn’t hanging right.



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